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Watsons Way Country Stay (Self-contained Accommodation)
Peta Watson
1487 Cunderin Road
Western Australia, 6479

Phone : 61+ 8 9047 0070
Mobile : 0428 470 070
Email : watsons_way@outlook.com

Watsons Way is 368 km north east of Perth.
Nearest town is Mukinbudin (72km) on excellent sealed road, except the
last 11 km on good gravel road.
Fuel available in Mukinbudin; on weekends, fuel bowers with card system
on Strugnell Street.

How to Get to Watsons Way?
Drive to Mukinbudin (300 km east of Perth). Continue on the North Road to
Bonnie Rock (56 km). Continue following the bitumen road past the CBH wheat bin for 3 km.
Turn left onto Beringbooding Road (gravel). Continue for 10 km, turn right at Cunderin Road. 1 km further and you are there!

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