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The information on this page is now 5 years old, so much has changed since the video options were offered. Now we offer a variety of filming options, we film everything in 4K, HD and Slow motion, and we offer drone as well (see more).
However Kalbarri, Esperance and the Shires were only filmed in low quality HD, since then cameras have improved so much.


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Some of the rural collected so far.
[Photo All Samples]

Digital Database

In the past few years we have collected High Definition video and a series of photos on various shires around Western Australia, scenes of towns, some of their attractions and some scenes from some rarely heard of places (Perhaps classed as secret).
See some sample photos or see how our database can be used.


Why did we begin collecting a digital database?

Denmark - William Bay's Green's PoolAs we do web design and visual tours, we found that having already collected footage and photos of an area, saved us time in creating media formats, also other businesses were able to utilise our collection for their requirements too.

We did not collect this digital database just to sell individual photos or video clips, but to make products with them.

We're very keen on continuing this database, but we need outside interest, towns and businesses to request a web design, business brochure design, visual tour or simply provide footage and photos for a larger organisation, are you interested? or do you know someone who might?
Our Digital Database collection began in 2008. Please contact us.

How do we get hold of our town/shire photos?
We collect a large amount of photos of each, town/shire, these can be used with Brochures and Websites.
If your shire or organisation is interested in purchasing all photos taken on a town/shire. Please contact us.
  Each average collection ranges from 300 to 1300 photos and high definition video is collected to match. [Photo All Samples]
We do not allow any photo to be on-sold or used on DVD, or in photographic books.
How does our town/shire get to be digitally collected?
Firstly a town/shire needs to pre-purchase at least a minute TV Commercial from us, through this it gives us access to photographing and filming most things of interest in your town/shire or business, your final one minute of vision is uploaded to Youtube and can be used for TV also [Find Out More].
Is there another way to have our town done?
Yes, all we need is an invite and some way to cover costs of getting and staying there.
Do you film events?
Yes, we will also photograph them [Find Out More] and we film weddings too.
  Also see our [Brochure]
  Make a request for possible photos or vision for what you need to create with your media project? [Contact Us]

We were finalist at the WA Tourism Awards of 2008 and finalist at the ACCI Small Business Awards in 2009.

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