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The information on this page is now 5 years old, so much has changed since the video options were offered. Now we offer a variety of filming options, we film everything in 4K, HD and Slow motion, and we offer drone as well (see more).
However Kalbarri, Esperance and the Shires were only filmed in low quality HD, since then cameras have improved so much.


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William Bay's Green's PoolIntroduction to our AtoZ Visual Tours

G’day I would like to take a moment to talk about how you promote your business but first a quick word about Aysemart.

In 2008, Aysemart Video and Photographics was a Finalist in the Sir David Brand Awards for its contribution to the Promotion of Regional Tourism. That was in recognition of outstanding performance in creating DVD mementoes of Albany, Denmark, Esperance and Kalbarri.

Since those Awards Aysemart has pioneered the development of specialised Web Sites and Virtual Tours for Regional Tourism Groups on the World Wide Web.

Your Town, or your very own business, can include a Virtual Tour on its website. Or Aysemart can create a Web page for you with a virtual tour and all the usual details.

This is a huge offer which we invite you to test by visiting the latest of the Aysemart sites. In particular you should sample the Kalbarri site.

Ok, good sell. But how much is it going to cost?
Aysemart AtoZ Virtual Tours will create an average 60 second virtual tour of your business from $400.

It is generally conceded today that a website works harder and more effectively than a business card and yet the cost of an AtoZ Virtual Tour is about on a par with the costs of cards for one busy operator, for a year.

But the web page is so much more effective because with Aysemart care and the best equipment, it shows your business realistically at its sunny day best.

Ok, now its your turn to help yourself to the Aysemart Portfolio and ask yourself how many business cards have you ever seen that can reach consumers as these do?

We are proudly Western Australian and work across the whole of the State.

Also see Our brochure, virtual tour prices & travel prices.

More About A Visual Tour For Your Business?
Firstly, you'll need a reason to need a visual tour made of your business.
That reason could be, you have a website that promotes your business i.e. Bed & Breakfast or Resort and you'd like potential customers to see more of your business visually.
An average 60 second visual tour is ideal way for any business, it isn't long enough to bore and it's not short enough to annoy like TV Commercials might be screaming at you.
We allow 100-130 words per minute for a script, if you require a voiceover.
You are welcome to provide your own voiceover too.
As a saving you can provide 20 to 30 photos or we could shoot them for you (depending how far from base you are) of your business for your part of the presentation, if we can, we will film (in HD) some beautiful scene to introduce your clip and for finalising it.
Every business that gets at least one visual tour created by us, has a special webpage created for free on our site, a place where your town's visual tours are all found together.
The cost to create a basic 60 seconder can be around the cost of creating business cards, ask us for a quote. Future changes may cost extra.
All visual tours are uploaded to Youtube and hosted there, you'll gain interest worldwide from there also, along with the main option of embedding it into your own website, we also create websites.
Full Hosting is also available, this gives the client email addresses to match the domain and site statistics, allowing you to see who's been visiting your site and where they came from (www.statusit.com are our provider).
Another bonus you get from having a visual tour made by us, your presentation will have access to thousands of photos we've already shot or are about to shoot near your destination (There are many other benefits that will come later too, such as possible inclusion on future tourism DVDs we may create, depending on interest).
See examples or please visit our Esperance page (Also see Standard, High Quality or DVD Quality).
We can assist your business no matter what type of business you have, with most of these we will need to film and photograph the features to your business to create a visual tour.

Quantity is important to make it worth while coming to your town, while we're in your town, we may shoot other photos and video to add to our collection as well, adding to our digital database of accessible photos and HD video for use with other possible visual tours in the future.


Perhaps we could help other businesses in your town while there, this type of support helps everyone get a much better product too.

Employment or Business opportunities
Expressions of interest are invited, perhaps your business needs our services?
We are currently looking at digitally filming and photographing as much of regional Western Australia as possible and major tourist attraction and some hardly heard of.
Do you have a network that requires photographs or video?
We're very interested in expanding our field and are prepared to travel to the Eastern States if there is enough interest.
Follow us on TwitterAs we expand there will be opportunities for those interested in getting involved too, you just have to love this type of work and be good at it.
If you can see a place for you, please contact us now!!
Are you a photographer, videographer, web designer, diver, pilot, public speaker, media specialist, writer, graphics designer?? or do you have entrepreneur abilities, are you one that thinks outside of the square? contact us now!!


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 We were finalist at the WA Tourism Awards of 2008 and finalist at the ACCI Small Business Awards in 2009.

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