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Albany City Visual Tours - Western Australia

The information on this page is now 5 years old, so much has changed since the video options were offered. Now we offer a variety of filming options, we film everything in 4K, HD and Slow motion, and we offer drone as well (see more).
However Kalbarri, Esperance and the Shires were only filmed in low quality HD, since then cameras have improved so much.

This webpage and its links are devoted to Esperance businesses. Each page features a visual tour of a business in Albany.
Aysemart - A to Z Visual Tours will create an average 60 second visual tour of your business for less than the cost of business cards!

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Albany Waterfront - Anzac Day
Anzac Day 2010

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Albany has a diverse range of accommodation
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Albany's Historic Customs OfficeWhat can you expect when you visit? Well, the Albany Region DVD6 is only a snapshot of some of the places you will see; should you care to visit, along with some other things of general interest.

Albany Entertainment Centre ConstructionAlbany has one of the most attractive coastline settings; endowed with an interesting history and an abundance of attractions and activities.

About a 4 and a half hour drive from Perth and less than an hour by air, it offers visitors cooler summers and mild winters.

Albany's natural walking trails are at the heart of what is widely recognised as one of the most biodiverse environments for walkers, anywhere in Australia.

Fishing, diving, whale and river cruises are all available throughout the year.

In this presentation we will journey to various attractions covering around 300kms of coastline.

The following information is included on the Albany Region DVD6.

Albany was the first established European settlement in Western Australia (formerly known as Fredericks Town) and is now one of the largest cities outside of Perth with a population of over 34,000.

A thriving City, seaport and the administrative hub for the region.

Albany is Western Australia’s premier regional city.

Perched on the state’s southern tip, it is a city of beauty and opportunity.

Waterfront construction at Princess Royal Harbour, one of the world's most stunning natural harbours, is set to  become one of the most significant development projects in the town’s long history.Amazing Albany Western Australia

The Albany Town Hall, opened in 1888, an iconic building of the main street.
The grand old stone building, with its four-faced clock tower, is a comfortable 310-seat theatre with a full concert sound and quality theatre lighting.

St John's Church is the oldest church to be consecrated in Western Australia, construction began in 1841 and The Rectory in 1850 with the upper floor added in 1875.       

The graciousness and old world charm of the Stirling Terrace area of town can be directly attributed to the gold rushes of the 1890s, which saw thousands of prospectors pouring into Western Australia through Albany, making their way to the rich fields of the Kalgoorlie region.

The footbridge, built in 2007, allows easy access to the new Albany Waterfront which will include a new boat harbour, entertainment centre and much more.

The Old Post and Customs office, now the University of WA opened in 1870. It is recognised as the oldest Post Office in Western Australia.

At the time of construction it housed a number of colonial authorities including the District Customs, the Mail Room, the Customs Office and the Bond Store.Replica Brig Amity

The Eclipse building houses the prism and other memorabilia from the lighthouse on Eclipse Island.

The WA Museum includes the Brig Amity, a full scale replica of the original vessel which brought the first settlers and convicts to Albany in 1826. At the museum you can also see many other historic artefacts and information.

The old convict Gaol, built in 1872, serves as a museum and is a useful starting point for those interested in the history of the region. The restorations to the gaol have left the period features carefully preserved.

Launched in 1986, Leeuwin II regularly visits Albany and is Australia's largest ocean-going tall ship; it’s dedicated to challenging and inspiring people on adventurous ocean voyages.

Dog Rock was named so because, of its likeness to the head of a bloodhound sniffing the air.

Hidden away in Albany's suburbia is The Old Farm at Strawberry Hill. The old farm, the oldest in Western Australia and it was the government farm for the settlement of Albany.

In 1889 Francis Bird, a successful architect, purchased 'Strawberry Hill' and extensive renovations were carried out.

It was renamed 'The Old Farm' in 1890 in memory of the pioneers who founded it, and again became an important venue for social functions of the time.

Desert Corp War MemorialThe Desert Corp War Memorial stands as a stark reminder of their valiant war effort and also that the Australian Army contingent departed from Albany for Gallipoli.

The first Anzac dawn service was held in 1930 by Padre Arthur White.

Princess Royal Fortress built in the 19th Century because of its strategic importance in the protection of the King George Sound and Princess Royal Harbour.

It serves today as a military museum and heritage centre. The various items of military weaponry and heavy gun emplacements are on public display.

Queen Elizabeth II came to Albany march 5th, 2008 on its final season to its final resting place in Dubai to become a floating hotel.

Named after Captain Middleton who arrived in 1834, bringing Governor James Stirling, the steady surf at Middleton Beach provided a handy method for off-loading supplies and stock into shore as some of the larger boats could not navigate the entrance of the harbour.

Emu Point has popular swimming and fishing areas, in the years gone by this area was dotted with fisherman’s houses, and now places of accommodation.

The Albany Agriculture Show is held yearly early in November and has everything on display for all ages.

Albany Race Club is one of the oldest race clubs in the state, having been established in 1865.

The Salmon Holes is named after the salmon that seek shelter in the calmer closer waters close to the beach. The beach has strong currents and surges and is a good surfing beach.

Jimmy Newhill's Harbour a quiet little inlet which was named after a local fisherman who, caught in a sudden storm, was driven into the harbour where he found protection and safety.

Blowholes, a crack line in the granite blows air and occasionally spray, the noise can be quite impressive.The Natural Bridge lookout

The Gap has been calved from years of pounding ocean swells, some times spray can even cover the car park.

The Torndirrup National Park has many natural attractions and has a dangerous and unpredictable coastline. You must take care when visiting this area - read the warning signs and stay on the paths provided. Lives have been lost here. Even the calmest of waters can change quickly, so please don't take risks.

The Natural Bridge was created from the ocean swells; in this case lose rocks were washed away leaving what you see now.

The Albany Wind Farm is just 12 kilometres from the City centre; it is the site of a $43 million project which was unrivalled in Australia.

There are 12 turbines; perched high on their 65 metre towers, each turbine has three 35 metre blades, wider than most passenger aircraft wing spans.

Even if you have no interest in technology, the wind farm provides an insight into the future in terms of environmentally friendly power generation.

At Shelley Beach during the autumn months, schools of Australian salmon migrate along Western Australia's southern coastline and are a popular catch here and other beaches.

Hang Gliding is a regulated sport which requires member participants to be licensed and have the relevant experience to fly at Shelley's and the Sand Patch.

Foot launching Hang Gliders off Shelley's Beach lookout and the Sand Patch began from the early to mid 1970's.

Paragliding is also regulated sport which requires member participants to be licensed and have the relevant experience to fly.

Foot launching Paragliders began in the late 1990's.

A 10km sand track takes you to West Cape Howe’s rugged outcrop of black scorched rocks and wild waves.

Golden Gates, The Steps and West Cape’s Gap are found here, where 70metre cliffs provide the perfect opportunity for Rock Climbing in a very surreal setting.

Lights Beach, a mysterious beach of light and colour and often with a painting like scenery, there are two parts to the beach, both are popular.

Ocean Beach is a popular surfer’s beach and swimming is great for all ages.

William Bay's Green's PoolWilliam Bay is best described as awe inspiring.

The low rock shelves extend over a hundred metres out to sea. The pools of water that form, create a mosaic of contrasting colours against the dramatic scenery.

Nearby is Elephant Cove with huge rocks that look like elephants cooling in the shallow waters, forming yet another delightful sheltered beach.

The enchanting town of Walpole was originally established as a group settlement for farmers in the 1930’s.

This was followed by the development of a thriving timber milling industry.

The calm rivers, inlets and adjoining wilderness areas also provide a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy.

Fernhook Falls is found in the deep river, only 36 kms north-west of Walpole. Between June and October experience the falls in action. From November to May, camping, picnicing, swimming and bush walking are highlights. Fantastic at any time of the year.

At Circular Pool the raging winter torrents pound through stones and luxuriant forest. Settling here at the Circular Pool, there are two pools which froth and foam. Circling, the deluge then continues down river to the sea.Tree Top Walk

The tree top walk provides the opportunity for visitors to walk safely across a canopy 40 metres above the ancient foliage. You can stand, gazing at these huge giants and their lush undergrowth and surroundings, or stroll the paths below and look up in awe.

Porongurup National Park is a range 12kms long and up to 670 metres high.

The Porongurup National Park covers over 2,500 hectares.

There are over 750 plant species including 55 different species of orchid found in the range together with an abundance of different bird and wildlife.

In early spring, the range bursts into every imaginable colour.

The craggy peaks of the Stirling Range stretch for 65 kilometres seem to rise abruptly from nowhere and stand out in contrast to the relatively flat farmland.

It was English Captain Mathew Flinders who provided the first recorded sighting of the mountain range in 1802.

The range was subsequently named in 1835 in honour of the first Western Australian Governor Captain James Stirling.

The park is one of the world's most important areas for flora, with 1,500 species. More species occur in the Stirling Range than in the entire British Isles and 87 plant species found in the Stirling Range occur nowhere else on earth.Stirling Range National Park

Bluff Knoll stands 1,095 metres above sea level.

The peak can be reached by following a well formed bush track but it does require a reasonable degree of fitness.

The range is one of few places in Western Australia where snow occasionally falls.

Snow probably falls on the highest peaks several times each year.

Cheynes Beach is a protected cove, with beautiful aqua blue waters and sparkling white sands, this vehicle accessible beach stretches for around 20kms to Bluff Creek and is an area of pristine coastal wilderness.

Two People's Bay - Waterfall BeachThe Waychinicup National Park extends from Cheynes Beach, the inlet of the Waychinicup River has polished granite rocks, beautiful all times of the year.

The park is a nature lover’s treat, with tree filled gullies, rivers, streams and lush vegetation.

Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve also boasts of unspoilt coastal scenery and is a vital sanctuary for threatened animal species.

The bay lies between the granite massifs of Mount Gardner and Mount Manypeaks.

The high rocky hills around Mount Gardner form a headland on the south side of the bay, protecting it from the heavy Southern Ocean swells.

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