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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do you pronouns Aysemart?

A' Smart or Ay's Smart.
Can I be held liable for faults and false information with my property?

YES in Australia at least. You must state if things are faulty or have them repaired before you try selling, this is entirely your responsibility.

Do the virtual tours Aysemart create stay on Youtube indefinitely?

All Virtual Tours are guaranteed to stay available for the full period of time paid.
Some if not all may stay available until you ask that we delete them or we choose to remove outdated virtual tours ourselves.
Can I remove my listing at anytime?

YES, (in most cases there are no refunds) just let us know.

I am a Real Estate agency, can I advertise a listing here?

YES. (see Reality for more details)

What do I have to provide so you can create the webpage I need?

You supply us with quality photos and information see Pricing for details.

How often should I advertise my property in a newspaper?

As often as you like or can afford. Please note: you should not rely on Aysemart to come up with the visitors to your webpage or virtual tour only, you can place adverts in other newspapers.

How do people contact me about my property?

When a prospective buyer is interested in your property, they can contact you via your telephone number or on the email address you provided for your listing.

If Aysemart gets contacted about my property will you pass this information on to me?

Normally within 24 hours, a copy will be forwarded on to you by email only, most people will contact you via your contact information on your listing.

Do Aysemart actually advertise my property individually for me?

YES, We build a webpage to contain all information and virtual tours. The Youtube upload also can be linked to anyone or emailed to anyone.
We do not place adverts' in any newspaper at this stage unless we have enough using the service first.

What do I do if I sell my property?

We suggest you contact a lawyer or settlement agent, to draw up the papers on the sale of your home.

If my property is listed with a Real Estate agent, can I still place my listing here?

Not sure, it's best you contact your Real Estate agent about it, to see if they allow it.

I'd like to place additional information, is this possible?

YES, you will have to contact us about it.

Do you take commission from the sale of my listing if it sells through this site?

NO, we do not and will never charge commission, we only charge the fees listed on our pricing pages for your listing.

When the listing period is up, will you remind me in advance?

YES, where ever possible in all cases we will remind a property owner their page is about to expire and give them the opportunity to renew, but only if that owner has provided a valid email address.

Can I publish a (URL) web address in my listing?

NO, only your property information, photos, name, email address and phone number.
(only Aysemart related web addresses are allowed at this stage, but there is no harm in asking, as the rules may change without notice)

Will you be having advertising banners etc on your pages?

Will you be having advertising banners etc with our virtual tour?

Yes, Youtube place an ad on each presentation, that can be closed with the X in the right top corner when hovering over it.

Do you offer a no sale no fee service?


Will this website ever close down or fail to load from time to time?

There is never a 100% guarantee with things on the internet. But you have the assurance that this is a family run business and each property owner receives our personal attention.
If this website goes down for periods of time, it mostly would be out of our control and may be due to outside sources, not directly Aysemart.

Will prices go up at any stage?

Prices are subject to change at any time, we will always do our best to be competitive and provide you with "value for money"

I have not heard back from you after I filled in one of your online forms?

You might have typed your email address incorrectly, please try again.
or email us directly via sales@aysemart.com

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