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Privacy Statement & Disclaimer

Your personal information will never be sold, rented, exchanged, traded or given to anyone else without your consent. Aysemart will only use your stated personal membership information in accordance with our own privacy statement.

Aysemart is a website designed to assist property owners wishing to sell property actually owned by them (this "website").

By using Aysemart's services you acknowledge and agree that Aysemart:

1.        Retains the right to remove or modify your listing, without notice, if we consider the details that you provide are incorrect, misleading or do not meet our standards.

2.       While every effort is made to ensure that the information you provide is correctly published, no liability is accepted for errors, omissions or for misinterpretation by third parties.

3.       Aysemart take no responsibility for you sharing your password with a third party.

4.       In no way acts as either a buyer or seller of properties.

5.       Is not in any way acting as your agent, does not charge and is not entitled to receive any commission arising out of any sale that results from your use of Aysemart's website.

6.       Aysemart take no responsibility for the failure of this website to provide a service.

7.       ....

8.       Is not responsible when a reminder was sent and returned due to your email address being inactive or when you did not respond by the expiry date and your listing was removed.

9.       May not retain in storage your web page and it's contents more than 4 weeks after expiry.

10.     Aysemart is not responsible if you advertise the property when it is not fully owned by you.

11.     Has no control over the legality of the items listed, the quality, the honesty or the correctness of the listings and/or other item descriptions on this website.

12.     Can not refund any monies if you missed seeing any specials mentioned on our website before paying the service, but may reduce future listings by the over paid amount (only on request).

13.     Reserves the right to change this information without notice as various problems may arise.

14.     Aysemart takes no responsibility for a possible virus affecting your computer through any communication with Aysemart. Every effort is taken to make sure we will always be virus free.

15.     Information sent to Aysemart from anyone using this website shall become the property of Aysemart and any person sending that information agrees that Aysemart will be permitted to use any ideas, techniques or concepts contained in that information and Aysemart reserves the right to use, reproduce and distribute that information at Aysemart's discretion.

16.   Aysemart will never ask you for any password or bank details.


Always make sure when placing your advert in your local newspapers that Aysemart’s web address is spelt correctly: ”www.Aysemart.com" There is no “.au” on the end, if “.au” is used it will not work.

If you have any question complete our contact form on this website or view our FAQ.


If you feel that your enquiry has not been satisfactorily addressed you should contact us again as quality of product is of the most importance to Aysemart.

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Words Meaning here on this website.

activate it Making it accessible to others.
ad. One advertisement/s.
advertise Make known.
AtoZ-Visual aka for Aysemart
au Australian dollars.
Aysemart Low priced advert creation and long period listing.
code Item number, Property number, Webpage listing number
   or is the title of your listing.
direct deposit Payment made to an Australian bank account.
guarantee Assure of something, promise.
host it Storing, caring and temporary hosting.
information Text, photos etc.
item Described subject or an individual property listing.
jpg Digital photo quality saved file.
listing Item, Product, Property, Catalogue, Index etc.
local Your town or suburb.
magazines Media on homes, cars, farms... related media etc.
newpapers Papers delivered and created in your area etc.
no refunds No money returned, no media returned.
personnel People who may assist owners with Aysemart listings.
posted Shipping, freight etc.
property Something belonging to you.
publish Set out, laid out, graphic, visual etc.
removed Taken out of the Aysemart website.
store it Hosting, caring and temporary storing.
upload add to Aysemart's website.
we Aysemart administration.
web page Your published property listing.
website Our entire Aysemart set of internet pages.
you The owner or viewer.
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