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AtoZ-Visual Wedding Videography
Tips & Hints
Where you're planning to be married, how the celebrant has you standing can effect to outcome of your wedding production. Please have the celebrant use a microphone and perhaps stand to the side or with their back to the audience, which will allow guests, the photographer and the videographers to see your faces etc.
Small church spaces do not allow videographers and photographers to get the best footage or shots.
Outside weddings, if it's to be very windy, keep in mind, that may not be suitable to hear the celebrant, if they do not have a microphone.
Please allow space between where the Bridal Party will stand and where the guests are seated.
Please notify the photographer of your videographers requirements and how much importance you'd like your videographer to have.
During bridal photos, please don't move unusually slow for videography, as often we're filming in slow-motion, apart from the times when voices are required.
Please keep in mind that the video being filmed is for you and it is not to be seen publicly unless you choose so, it is for you and your families future to remember the best day of your lives.
Filming the reception, please allow for the possibility of a video camera being setup just in front of the Bride & Groom seating during the speech times.
Lighting at the Reception, having good lighting shining towards the speech area, will make a difference to seeing faces who are doing the speeches.
Please don't turn off the main lights until after the first dance.
Or after we leave, otherwise we might have to turn our lights on, some may find this annoying, but without reasonable lighting, the quality of the video filmed would be terrible.
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