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Wedding Business Networking

Basic wedding related listings on our pages are free

We are only too happy to promote all of Western Australia's wedding related businesses.

This is a free promotion page, designed for networking businesses.

All you need do is send an email to us with the following information:

FREE LISTINGS Only wedding related businesses


Business Title
Business Topic
Phone and/or Mobile
Email & Web.

If you would like something else please enquire and we will give you a quote.

[Contact Us]

You are welcome to send an image for us to include near it, without logo etc.

All we ask is that you keep us in mind for Wedding & Function Video Work, sharing information with your clients and if you are a Videographer you are still welcome, because you never know when you have a double booking, most of us can not be in two places at the same time.

It would be nice if you also could add us in the same way to your website.

Please note that this offer may change in the future without notice.

If you do not have a web address or website, we also create those too,
                                                                 please see Web Design for more details.

We would greatly appreciate if you could print this flyer and put it on your noticeboard.

     If you do so, please let us know, thank you in advance?

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