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Our Vision:

Our Drive is to be the best Logistics Service Provider in Regional Western Australia.

Our Values Are:

Customer’s – Excellence in customer service is what we strive for at Esperance Freight Lines. It’s our business to care about your business.

Our People – We acknowledge that our Team and their collective efforts and achievements determine EFL success. When we all work together we all win together.

Our Communities and Environment – We acknowledge and endorse that we operate in a world with a need for standards of compliance and good corporate citizenship.

High ethical standards of Behaviour – Treat others as you would expect to be treated. We value trust, respect and integrity.

Teamwork and Supportive Leadership
As a team, what we can conceive and believe we can achieve. We value leadership that is based upon a leadership style that supports collaboration and involvement, who lead by example, demonstrate consistency with our values, think systematically, are visible, have strength of character and stay focused on realising the companies goals of excellence.

Innovation, Excellence, Results and Accountability
Do it right the first time, every time, we are all responsible for our actions and Communicate with the right people, the right things, at the right time. We value success.



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